Kelsie is 11 years old going on 16. Kelsie is boy crazy! She is very strong and can do any kind of front flip, back flip and any other other way the human body can bend. Kelsie has a great sense of humor and loves to tease people and play jokes on them. She has a huge heart and is always so kind and thoughtful of other peoples feelings and always reaches out to people. Kelsie looks for the "black sheep" sort of speak and makes sure they are happy and welcome.
Ashley is 9 years old. She is the snuggliest little girl. Ashley loves to help me with anything I may need help with. When I am in the kitchen cooking you can guarentee Ashley is right there with me wanting to not only help but know why and how to everything. She has a great attitude and is very teachable!! Ashley is very particular in everything that she does and you know if you ask her to do something it will be done with detail and correctly.

Katie is 8 years old. She absolutely loves to laugh!! Once you get her laughing it is hard to stop her. Katie is full of energy and loves to draw, sing and dance. I am thinking one day she is going to be trying out for American Idol! Katie loves minnie mouse and always has in fact that is the theme in her bedroom. The thing Katie loves most is Animals! She loves any and all of them and it would not surprise me if she worked with them in some way in her future. Katie is very fun loving and enjoys life to the fullest.

Luke is 4 years old. Luke loves balls of any kind to throw or kick and he loves sticks of anykind to hit the balls or others with. He is always tackling the girls at home whether they like it or not! If they get mad at him or are telling him to stop... it only encourages him to do it again. Hmmmm... I wonder where he gets that from. Maybe his DAD!!! Speaking of Wes, Luke is definately a "Daddy's boy". When Wes is home Luke just follows him around the house wanting to help Wes with anything he might be doing especially if it is fixing something. Luke is always in to Wes's tools and pretending to fix something or telling us to find him something to fix.

Higbee Family

Higbee Family

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

5k run

Kelsie, Ashley and I ran a 5k together and had so much fun!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Real Soccer game

We went to a Real soccer game for the first time this week. Needles to say we will most likely become season ticket holders because we had so much fun. The stadium was a great size for everyone to feel like they were part of the game. Ashley's soccer team got to go out on the soccer field which was fun for her =-)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Higbee Day @ The Fire Station

I have a great friend that works at the Roy fire station and gave our family a special treatment. We toured the facility in and out. He took us on a ride around the neighborhoods in the Fire truck and pulled over to let the kids switch places so they all had a chance to ride up front. We also sat in the back of the ambulance as he told of some experiences of people being in there. He hooked Kelsie up and ran an EKG on her =-)Tons of fun in the water as well!

Katie Baptism

Katie's Baptism went very well. Katie was so very excited and proud of herself as we were of her. The weather was perfect for our get together at our home afterwards and we all had a great time visiting and eating=-) Thank you to all of you for your love, support and friendships. Having this adds so much to making a special day even better =-)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

New York!

Wes and I had way to much fun in New York a couple of weeks ago. That city is very busy with lots to do and we enjoyed every minute of it with very little sleep =-) We saw a Broadway shows, went to statue of Liberty, New York Yankee vs. Boston game, wax museum, mountain bikes around Central Park (8.5 miles) just to name a few things =-) We are going back in October!!

Katie's 8th Birthday =-)

Katie had a fun party to celebrate the big 8th birthday. She was happy as a kid could be!! We did the traditional breakfast to IHOP that we ALWAYS do on birthday mornings

Kelsie's 11th Birthday =-)

What a great bunch of friends Kelsie has! We had a blast at her birthday party and enjoyed cake and icecream with family and friends.

Soccer Season

All of the kids played Soccer this season and it was very busy for Wes and I but we loved it! The league has asked Ashley and Kelsie to join the competition teams.

Spring Break in St. George

We went on our traditional vacation to St. George for Spring Break this year to relax in the sun. We went to Las Vegas one of the day to play around. We ate at the Rain Forest Cafe because the kids love the atmosphere even though the food is not the best =-) Sometimes it's all about the experience! We went to the top of the Stratosphere which was awesome! My kids love a rush and a thrill so we rode the ride at the very top which was really neat! The only thing that I can think of that was as scary was when I bungee jumped off a bridge from my ankles when I was in college. We spent a quick day in Zions as well and took the kids on a hike. Very fun trip! =-)

Wes trip to Oregon

Wes enjoyed a few days in Oregon with his parents and his Grandpa and Grandma. It was great for him to be able to spend some quality time with them and enjoyed it very much!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Luke "Bank off the body" Drive =-)

Watch as Luke so graciously hits the ball then it comes up, hits him in the side and he looks down at the ball thinking "what just happened"? He then proceeds to pick it up like no big deal and tee it up again. If you listen close you can here Luke tell me "Mom, your not supposed to talk" because he hears me whispering to someone. He really is hitting the ball pretty good and is learning how to behave, yell at the ball and love the game like the rest of the fam!!! =-)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finally we've had some good weather days which means lots of golf=-)