Kelsie is 11 years old going on 16. Kelsie is boy crazy! She is very strong and can do any kind of front flip, back flip and any other other way the human body can bend. Kelsie has a great sense of humor and loves to tease people and play jokes on them. She has a huge heart and is always so kind and thoughtful of other peoples feelings and always reaches out to people. Kelsie looks for the "black sheep" sort of speak and makes sure they are happy and welcome.
Ashley is 9 years old. She is the snuggliest little girl. Ashley loves to help me with anything I may need help with. When I am in the kitchen cooking you can guarentee Ashley is right there with me wanting to not only help but know why and how to everything. She has a great attitude and is very teachable!! Ashley is very particular in everything that she does and you know if you ask her to do something it will be done with detail and correctly.

Katie is 8 years old. She absolutely loves to laugh!! Once you get her laughing it is hard to stop her. Katie is full of energy and loves to draw, sing and dance. I am thinking one day she is going to be trying out for American Idol! Katie loves minnie mouse and always has in fact that is the theme in her bedroom. The thing Katie loves most is Animals! She loves any and all of them and it would not surprise me if she worked with them in some way in her future. Katie is very fun loving and enjoys life to the fullest.

Luke is 4 years old. Luke loves balls of any kind to throw or kick and he loves sticks of anykind to hit the balls or others with. He is always tackling the girls at home whether they like it or not! If they get mad at him or are telling him to stop... it only encourages him to do it again. Hmmmm... I wonder where he gets that from. Maybe his DAD!!! Speaking of Wes, Luke is definately a "Daddy's boy". When Wes is home Luke just follows him around the house wanting to help Wes with anything he might be doing especially if it is fixing something. Luke is always in to Wes's tools and pretending to fix something or telling us to find him something to fix.

Higbee Family

Higbee Family

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

5k run

Kelsie, Ashley and I ran a 5k together and had so much fun!!!!